Burglar Bill read by Mr. Herrington

Every week we will post a video of a member of staff reading one of their favourite books. The first one is below – Mr. Herrington reading Burglar Bill. Enjoy!

Burglar Bill read by Mr. Herrington from Chris Mayoh on Vimeo.

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14 Responses to Burglar Bill read by Mr. Herrington

  1. Miss Saunderson says:

    I hope you all enjoyed Burgular Bill as much I did! This is also one of my favourite books! I wonder who will be next to read a story on our new love to read blog page?

  2. ibrahim says:

    Hello Mr Herrington I enjoyed listening to your story, what a lovely story, please come to Miss Newtons class and read us all a story.

    Hope you enjoy your holidays with your family, see you after the holidays bye.

  3. irram says:

    I really loved that book it was so interesting .

  4. Tayyibah says:

    The way Mr Herrington read it with expression was very good

  5. Tayyibah says:

    Also I liked it when Mr Herrington picked up the things while he read the book like the torch and the bag.

  6. Mrs Steel says:

    What a fantastic story! I loved the voices Mr Herrington used for the different characters. I can’t wait to find out which story will be posted on the blog next time.

  7. uzair says:

    that was an amazing book

  8. Bryn Llewellyn says:

    Mr Herr….errr, Burglar Bill.
    So that is why you have been doing all that running…training for your escape route? Seriously though, really impressed…
    Can’t wait to see who reads the next book…

  9. RCS says:

    ‘I liked it when Burglar Bill said ‘want to hear a story’ because stories are my favourite.’ Amaad
    ‘I liked it when the baby is in the brown box because I like it.’ Zara
    ‘I like that Mr Herrington say it by himself.’ Shakir’
    ‘I like the baby in the box.’ Fawad
    ‘The baby was crying because of Burglar Bill…stealed him.’ Keira
    ‘I like it when he stole everything because he made the baby cry and when the baby spilt the food.’ Aqsa
    ‘He gave the baby some beans.’ Zaina

  10. J Woodhead says:

    That was great Mr. Herrington, Burlar Bill has always been one of my favourite books. Did you really steal anything?

  11. Thamid says:

    I think it is a fantastic book. What do you think?

  12. Aisha says:

    i thought it was absalootley!!! amazing

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