Learning to Read at Bowling Park

Learning to read at Bowling Park begins with learning phonics, whilst enjoying some of the best books and stories around. Our aim is that all children learn to read and write the 44 phonemes by the end of Year 1.

Classroom activities and interventions ensure that children move quickly and easily through all the sounds, before moving onto new reading skills. Here at Bowling Park we use a whole school phonics programme called ‘Monster Phonics’.  These lessons are colour-coded, interactive and fun with a clear structure, pace and progression underpinned by regular assessment. Children’s early reading in Key Stage 1 is supported by using phonically decodable texts.

High frequency words are taught as part of the phonics lesson.

Additional provision is made available for all children who do not make expected progress in phonics. Extra provision is made available to children in Yr2 and Yr3 who did not achieve the pass rate in the Yr1 phonics test.

Learning to Read
Learning to read is one of the most important skills we ever develop. At Bowling Park we have a whole school strategy to develop a love of reading and to create opportunities to learn to read across the curriculum. Every child has a reading record linked to their reading level, which includes lots of fun activities to encourage additional skills such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and descriptive writing.

The school has two libraries and children have access to a wide range of high quality texts, to read in school and to share at home. Many of these books are from the Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star reading schemes, including non-fiction and poetry as well as fictional stories. These books are organised using the Book Banding colours so that the children read books that are appropriate for their reading level. For those children who are at the early stages of learning we have a collection of phonetically decodable books from the Oxford Reading Tree, Phonics Bug and Dandelion Reader schemes.

Children are heard read regularly by trained adults and take part in group reading lessons every day at 1.00pm across school.

For help and ideas for encouraging reading at home, why not try out these great websites:


For more information about what our school is doing to encourage a love of reading, please see below.

If you would like more information about our whole curriculum, please visit our School Curriculum page or our Family Learning Letters page.


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Enjoying a good story

Our Reading Leaders are really enjoying reading with their partners, when walking around school today all I could see were noses in books!  Here are some photos of them reading together:


img_0107 img_0108 img_0109 img_0110 img_0111 img_0112 img_0113 img_0114 img_0115 img_0116

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First Reading Leaders Session

Our Reading Leaders had their first meeting with their reading partners today and it was a great success!

The Year 4’s friendly greetings made the Year 1 children settle straight in, it was extremely hard to get them to stop talking to go back to class!

The Reading Leaders then needed to plan the first session ready for September, choosing appropriate books and games that their partners would like.

Everyone can’t wait to get started in September!


IMG_0336 IMG_0340 IMG_0342 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0354




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Reading Leaders

Yesterday we had 21 pupils from Year 4 training to be Reading Leaders with Rachel Owens from Reading Matters, a charity supported by Michael Murpugo and Ian McMillan. The children will now be using their training to be a Reading Leader for younger pupils in school. During the training they learnt many things including:
– how to ask good questions.
– how to build up confidence in a younger reader.
– how to give effective praise.
– how to plan activities suitable for their partner.
– how to log and evaluate sessions.

The children had a great day and they are all very enthusiastic about meeting their partners and starting the sessions. Below are some photos from the day and keep watching out for more when the sessions start.
















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World Book Day 2016

We celebrated loving stories today for World Book Day, we listened to a story in assembly called ‘Mr Squirrel and the Moon’ by Sebastain Meschenmoser.

Photo 1

We were very lucky to get presents too.  In assembly each class got a new book to share at story time and every child received their World Book Day book with their tokens.  They were set the challenge to share their books with someone in their family tonight.


15 children from Year 1  also got to visit the local library today.  They listened to a talk about what types of books they can get at the library and the different events that are held at the library.  The children were given a library card and got to choose a book to take home.  The children loved the  visit and  were very excited to show their books to their friends and family.

World Book Day 2016 on PhotoPeach

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Our book of the week

We are passionate about reading here at Bowling Park. We love reading classic tales and exciting new stories, from a variety of genres. To celebrate our love of books, we will be presenting our ‘Book of the Week’ in the entrances at both sites. We hope you will enjoy our recommendations as much as we have.

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Are you the next J K Rowling, Michael Morpurgo or Jacqueline Wilson?

If you are a budding author who loves writing stories, check out this great website from the people who make World Book Day!

The website helps to guide you through the story writing process, with helpful advice and tips from famous authors.

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Yr4 war poems


Last week, our Year 4 children worked with poet Andy Tooze and artist Dave Hulston to create some beautiful poems and artwork to tell the story of the First World War.

Take a look at some of their work here:

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We Love Science i-Books Project

We are so excited by science at Bowling Park that we decided to take on a challenge to create our very own i-books demonstrating our super science work.

Each year group chose a science themed book, completed various science activities and then used an app called ‘Book Creator’ to create an i-book which showcased their work.

Each class sent two Digital Leaders for training on how to use the Dropbox and Book Creator apps. They then returned to class and supported their peers to create the i-book.

Everything came together on Friday when we celebrated the wonderful work in assembly.

Take a look at these good examples.

Y1 The Blue Balloon from C Southern on Vimeo.

1AB The Blue Balloon Innovation from C Southern on Vimeo.

Y2 The Great Moon Confusion from C Southern on Vimeo.

Y3 The Big Bad Robot from C Southern on Vimeo.

Y4 Iggy Peck Architect from C Southern on Vimeo.

What Mr Darwin Saw from C Southern on Vimeo.

Germs and How to Live Forever from C Southern on Vimeo.

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The big science take over!

Our We Love Books event is just around the corner! This year we are taking inspiration from our new Science Laboratory and having a science themed We Love Books celebration! We are really excited, and hope you are too.

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